Distributed Optical Fiber Vibrat

Distributed Optical Fiber Vibration Monitoring System (gDAS-S300)
The distributed optical fiber vibration monitoring system sends pulse light to the optical fiber installed in the well and detects the Rayleigh backscattering signal at the same time. When


Technical superiority and highlights

  • Heterodyne phase principle based on Rayleigh scattering  

  • Through phase demodulation and Fourier transform, the noise data in time domain is transformed into acoustic field data in frequency domain to realize the real-time dynamic monitoring of sand and liquid penetration of different downhole perforation clusters.

  • Provides continuous detection and event location with a minimum spatial resolution of 1 meter

  • Gauge length options available

  • Detection of acoustic frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 20,000 Hz

  • Single-port single-mode fiber configuration, up to 10 km well depth

  • Can be used in combination with distributed temperature sensing systems and other downhole tools


gDAS-S300 Performance Specifications

Measurement data

Whole wellbore seismic waveform or   vibration profile

Laser source

Laser Class 1 Certification IEC/EN   60825-1:2014

EMC Directive 2004/108/EC

Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC

Measurement parameters

Original measurement type: vibration strain

Working principle: coupling phase   measurement

Operating wavelength: 1550 nm

Measured length: 10 km

Output space interval: 2,5,10 m

Gauge length: 5,10,20,30,40m

Output time interval: 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2   ms

Low frequency limit: 1 Hz

High frequency limit: 20 K Hz


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