Distributed Optical Fiber Temper

Guoxing's latest generation DFA-M8000 system, using the principle of backward Raman scattering of optical fibers and optical time domain reflection technology, embedded in the core algorithm of thermodynamic calculation of formation rock fluids, can accur


DFA-M8000 introduces the latest generation of high-speed data acquisition design and wellbore temperature real-time monitoring algorithm based on FPGA and ARM integration with independent property rights, which strengthens the ability of sensing signal exploration and feedback, improves the signal acquisition solution, comprehensively improves the software analysis ability, enriches the application scenarios of equipment, and has faster application feedback. This series of products have intelligent functions of temperature self-calibration, remote terminal control and data transmission.

Technical superiority and highlights

Based on the principle of backward Raman scattering, it is only sensitive to temperature and does not require the design of stress-free special optical cable.

Optical fiber itself is a sensor, which can realize real-time long-distance distributed temperature monitoring.

Optical fiber is a passive sensor, which can be installed in strong electromagnetic radiation, flammable and explosive environments.

Optical fiber is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, small in size and light in weight, and can be used in various harsh environments.

L High spatial and temperature resolution

With real-time online temperature automatic calibration device, it has very high temperature measurement accuracy.

L Available for single or dual port fiber configuration measurement

Real-time high-precision fault point location and detection

1064nm (12km) or 1550nm (20km) wavelength equipment can be selected according to well depth and downhole temperature environment

Multi-channel DFA equipment can be selected according to the actual well volume, which can realize real-time monitoring of multiple wells at the same time.

Scope of application

Fire monitoring and alarm for tunnels, subways and high-rise buildings

L Power line monitoring

Oil and gas well monitoring

Temperature monitoring of power plants, substations and other large equipment

Leakage monitoring of large oil tanks and natural gas tanks

Performance parameters

DFA M8000 Specifications

Performance   indicators

1064nm   DFA-M8000

1550nm   DFA-M8000

Fiber   optic measurement range

-50℃   ~ 800℃

-50℃   ~ 800℃

Spatial   resolution



Sampling   resolution



Temperature   accuracy



Temperature   resolution



Measure   the time

10   ~ 1000s

10   ~ 1000s

Measure   the distance

Single-ended   12km or double-ended 6km

Single-ended   20km or double-ended 10km

Hardware metrics

Instrument   operating temperature

0℃   ~ 45℃

Instrument   storage temperature

-40℃   ~ 70℃

Type   of optical fiber

50/125   µm multimode fiber

Fibre   Channel

2,   4, 6, 8 optional (E2000/APC connector)

Instrument   weight and dimensions

12kg;   standard 4U chassis, 440mm (W) * 450mm (D) * 130mm (H)

Input   power

AC220V   50Hz

Power   consumption


Software metrics



Communication   port

Ethernet   * 2 、RS232 * 2

Data   transfer protocol


Interval   setting and temperature alarm

Maximum   setting of 2000 interval and corresponding temperature alarm

Relay   (optional configuration)

Eight-channel   SPDT relay

Remote   control and communication

Remote   control and communication capabilities

System   diagnostics

It   has the function of online remote system diagnosis, and the instrument itself   automatically monitors the alarm settings.



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